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Shipping Sustainability

Shipping Sustainability


Besos only uses Kraft mailers because- not only is this mailer constructed entirely from recovered trash, but once it has made its journey and served its purpose, EcoEnclose 100% Recycled Kraft Mailers can easily be redeposited back into the paper recycling stream. 

Shipping Labels

Oftentimes companies advertise their shipping mailers as “recyclable” when in actuality you first have to peel off the shipping label and tape to be thrown into the trash before recycling the mailer. This process is often overlooked, this is why it is extremely important for companies to have every part of their shipping material fully compostable/recyclable. To ensure maximum sustainability we opt out of using traditional silicone coated release liners and instead use zero waste 100% recyclable liners.


Most tapes you use at home - masking tape, duct tape and Scotch tape are harmful to the environment. Plastic tape remains the industry standard because it is the easiest to come by, so it is extremely important to be the change by switching over to Kraft paper tape. The unique blend of renewable paper backing and pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive is easy to tear - no dispenser is necessary.


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