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Taking Strides Towards Sustainability

Taking Strides Towards Sustainability

My journey of becoming more sustainable for the planet and those who inhabit it has been a process. I grew up in a household that had always instilled wastefulness as something to be avoided. As I grow older, I am learning more and more about the detrimental effects of human activity and capitalism on the planet, the big one being the dreaded P word (Plastic). I think it is easier than ever to start switching out products with more sustainable options due to the increased popularity and production of new sustainable products.

How I Started:

I started with an area of my household and researched different products that could be swapped with products packaged in plastic.


My household utilizes a dish washing block from NoTox Life and eco friendly sponges as an alternative to avoid plastic packaging that ends up in our oceans and water supplies. I personally use cleaning products from a brand called Blueland that supplies their customers with three sturdy and reusable bottles for cleaning supplies. This company uses clean and eco friendly ingredients and then supplies tablets to dissolve in water to create cleaning products, amazing! This company has a glass, multi-surface cleaner, bathroom, and hand soap refill tablets. A main staple in the kitchen I use instead of plastic wrap is Beeswrap, which keeps my avocados haves looking green! 


 In the bathroom I utilize shampoo, conditioner and face wash bars from a store called Eco Roots and they all work very well for my shower routine. Some others items I use frequently include a safety razor instead of a plastic disposable one, a metal tongue scraper and eco friendly cotton floss.


For my laundry routine, I utilize laundry detergent tablets and baking soda to keep clothes fresh and then let most of my clothes (especially jeans which increases their lifespan) to air dry.

Life-style Changes 

Some other really simple habits I’ve been doing for years now is having a solid reusable water bottle, always bringing reusable bags with me on the go (I love the brand Baggu) and bringing a reusable coffee cup for lattes on the go. I will say that I am not perfect and there are times when I forget my coffee cup and have to use a plastic cup but I think it’s important to not shame people for not being 100% sustainable 100% of the time because any bit of effort is important and we should really be targeting big corporations for their detrimental effects on our changing planet. Overall, I try to avoid using and buying items I don’t need which has been an adjustment but I am making strides in the right direction. I am hopeful for our future and know everyone can make some eco friendly, positive changes to help keep this vibrant planet alive and beautiful.


Brigit Pinamonti



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