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You Just Have To Do It

You Just Have To Do It

Being a perfectionist was a quality I couldn’t seem to shake. My whole life I wanted everything exactly how I envisioned, perfectly curated, perfectly done. But being such a particular human being comes with its consequences. Personal projects I wanted to indulge in were put on long holds because I wasn’t “ready”, but when it comes to finally doing something you want to do or creating a business you want to create- you just have to do it

I had this dream for years of having my very own podcast, but everything kept me from doing it. My voice was “too annoying”, I didn’t have money for a nice mic, I didn’t know how to edit, etc... Until one day I was talking about this dream of mine to some like-minded creatives and friends who had already started their own businesses and they aggressively told me to “JUST DO IT.” I don’t know but that one conversation lit a fire in me enough that I went straight home and straight to my journal. I wrote out everything I needed to figure out: The title, logo, description, topics, getting a mic, editing software, and the list went on. But I quickly figured out every detail. I met all of the requirements and made everything happen to get my podcast up and running. 

At first, I was using a $20 microphone I got from Amazon, a logo that my little sister drew for me (although it was pretty amazing), and had really bad and awkward cuts throughout my first few episodes.... but that’s the beauty of creating something you’re passionate about. You learn and get better as you go and soon your dreams have evolved to fruition. Though I will endlessly have room for improvement. To this day, some of my absolute favorite episodes are the ones I recorded when I had very little clue as to what I was doing. I’m entirely grateful for that conversation that made me just start where I was because otherwise, my podcast wouldn’t be where it is today. Sometimes you just have to throw yourself in and go for it to make shit happen for you. I’m so proud of my creation of The Reverie Podcast otherwise known as @thereveriepodcast on Instagram. You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play. And don’t worry, the quality is so much better I promise lol

Much love

Carly Rian

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